Monday, January 01, 2007

As time goes by it's getting more and more difficult for me to remember all the inconveniences and problems I was having before I found the right treatment for my Psoriatic Arthritis, not to mention the two years it took to get a diagnosis. My wife doesn't forget, she's got a great memory and she was reminding me the other day of seemingly small tasks that I gave up on mainly because of the pain associated with it. The big important parts of my life that I lost out on during those few years before my treatment I remember, and think of, and am now so grateful for being able to return to on a daily basis like being the first aid coach for my sons football team, working, shopping with my wife, playing guitar, cooking and so much more. But my wife was reminding me of the things that I let go of that when I look back it really disturbs me that I have let my self forget so easily. Most importantly my sense of humor, but small things like not using my pockets because I couldn't grab my keys or wallet, taping my toothbrush to my hand because I couldn't hold it, removing the toothpaste cap with my teeth cause I couldn't grasp it, forget tying my shoes, buttons, zippers, doorknobs, stairs, gardening, all placed in a box taped closed and tossed into the attic next to all the other stuff we no longer use but just won't throw away. It's really strange, now that I am feeling good again, how normal everything has become, but from a different view...Appreciative. It's because of this appreciation that I am creating this site. It is my hope that with the transfer of information and stories, folks young and old might be able to find some sort of relief. I will do my best to promote the site and keep thing on the level. Suggestions are always welcome. So thanks for visiting and please leave your comments. Thanks, Tony


At 10:22 AM, Anonymous Giol said...

This type of psoriasis it the worst I think. My mother has it and she tries to cure it with natural remedies. I hope it will work.

At 10:35 AM, Blogger Tony said...

Hi Goil,
There are natural remedies that will help. Vitamin D3, in the form of cholecalciferol and in ui amounts above 4000 per day does wonders. The effects are cumulative so it takes a few weeks before you see any difference. Also, for pain, especially at night, you might look into Corydalis in the form of an extract like 4:1. It's a tuber usually from China, that is ground to a powder, concentrated and taken in amounts starting at 200mg (2 tenths of a gram). My best to your mother.


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